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Efficiently target the neighborhoods you need to reach with

Everyday your potential customers can choose from
- hundreds of TV Channels
- thousands of print ads
- millions of web pages

But they only have 1 front door.


Door Hangers Direct gives your ad a Premier Location
that assures YOUR AD will stand out from the daily glut of "Junk Mail."

We Triple Manage
Your Distribution?


Our crews are triple supervised.  Number one: Each crew has a manager who reports to the owner of the company,  Number two: We have distribution managers that mange the mangers.  Number three: All our walkers carry a GPS Tracker that is like BIG Brother.  It tells us when they start, How fast they walk, How many miles they walk, how many stops they take, and where and when they finish, and more.  It also makes a great Google map showing exactly where they walked and distributed. (SEE SAMPLE ON THE RIGHT)  Triple managed!


We operate under the same ratio as mail carriers and the post office.  We allocate 800 to 900 door hangers per person per day.  Can it be done with less carriers?  Well no,  a carrier averages 2 addresses every minute for 900 homes that is  7.5 hours.  Our guys are in the field about 7 to 8 hours per day on the average.  If someone says they can deliver 1,000 to 2,000 per person per day they are probably throwing most of them in the trash.


We are a
Turnkey Operation?


 • Individual Company Door Hangers   

    • Cooperative Door Hangers

    • Design of Door Hangers

    • Printing of Door Hangers

    • GPS Verified Distribution

            of Door Hangers

    • Anywhere in Colorado

    • Anywhere in the United States

Co-Op Advertising -Sharing the door hanger and Save!

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