Why should I consider using front door marketing?

We develop customized programs to fit the needs of each individual client.  This includes target market assessment, media design and printing as well as precise distribution using our GPS tracking and verification system.

What services do you provide to your customers?

Media design, printing, market-consulting and distribution.

How do marketers typically use front-door marketing programs?

Front-door marketing can be used to drive traffic, create awareness, further branding, launch new products & services, promote discounts and coupon programs, market expansion, competitive blunting, etc.

Do specific types of businesses benefit more than others using front-door marketing?

Any type of business that wants to drive traffic, increase brand awareness, improve same store sales, launch new products, promote special pricing & discount programs, promote grand openings, re-openings, can benefit from front-door marketing.

How does front-door marketing compare with direct-mail in terms of response rates?

Response rates for direct mail have declined over the years to less than 1% while front-door marketing responses can be as high as 3% depending on a number of circumstances. The more targeted the market in terms of preferred customer demographics, quality and quantity of the delivery, the message, the call to action offer, graphics, print quality, etc. will affect response rates.

What are the traditional specifications for front-door media?

Door Hangers – Our most popular door hanger measures 4.25 in. x 11 in., we also have a a larger “jumbo” door hanger measuring X.XX in. x 17 in. We can print on 80 lb. or 100 lb. cover stock, offer 4 color printing and a 3/8 in. drill hole to affix the door hanger to the front-door with a #16 rubber band.

We also offer:

  1. Custom die cuts
  2. Scratch-Offs
  3. Magnet & Card Affixing
  4. Consecutive barcodes or numbering –
  5. Polybags – we can produce bags for customers in various sizes to meet any customer’s needs.
  6. Product Sampling is a customizable front-door media; please contact us with your sample specifications for more information.

Can I provide my own artwork?

Yes, we can accept your artwork.  Please contact us to receive instructions regarding our arts specifications and guidelines.

Can you deliver anywhere in the U.S.?

We have a national network of distribution vendors throughout the United States.

How do you verify distribution?

Distribution is the heart of our business so we have to get it right. All our distributors use our mapping, GPS logger and iPhone tracking systems for daily reporting for accountability.  Our Distributor to Field Manager ratio is closely maintained at 8-1 so we can visibly ensure that all Distributors are being productive and efficient.

Do you maintain a consumer delivery opt-out list?

Yes, we maintain opt-out list by market.

Do you deliver to apartment complexes?

Yes, if the customer targeted distribution is to include multi-family dwellings.

Do you deliver to businesses?

Yes, we deliver to businesses if that is a part of the customer’s expected dempgraphic.

Do you deliver in rural communities?

Yes, if required by the customer.

Do you deliver inside gated communities?

Our goal is to reach every resident within the targeted distribution area. That includes gated communities.  However, some gated communities may not grant access and therefore cannot be covered.

Is there a minimum distribution quantity?

No, although we do maintain a minimum distribution charge of $500.

How long will it take you to distribute my door hangers?

Distribution timing varies by market based on factors such as volume and markets.  For most programs we require 10 business days of lead-time out to start distributing from the time we received final approval on artwork.

Who can I talk with to learn more about your campaigns?

For more information, please contact a member of our team at sales@doorhangers-direct.net or call (303) 955-7824.