3 Levels of Management

Level One:

Field Managers: Each field manager supervises a crew of 6-8 carriers and provides direct, on-site supervision for the duration of each distribution day.  All carriers are accountable to their respective field manager for questions regarding maps, or issues with the mapped area. Each crew is expected to deliver a specified number of door hangers each day based upon factors including, distribution type, distribution location and crew size.

Level Two:

Distribution Management:  All of our field managers report to one distribution manager.  The distribution manager’s job, in part, is to make sure each manager is prepared each day with GPS units, reflection vests, ID badges, correct door hangers, proper maps and are scheduled and working within the boundaries of the targeted distribution area. The distribution manager also makes sure each crew has everything required to get the job done correctly.

Level Three:

GPS Tracking: GPS tracking provides the third-level of assurance.  Each of our carriers is assigned a GPS logger each day to carry with them at all times.  Although the loggers function in part as, “Big Brother,” the real benefit is capturing the x/y data (latitude and longitude coordinates), which is processed at the end of each day through an API to Google Maps after which we electronically provide every client with a street-level map of their distribution area detailing the distribution results.