Rubber Bands: At Door Hangers Direct, Inc.

client-hangersWe like to hang all door hangers with Rubber Bands. Even though this sounds trivial it makes a huge impact in the field. If you have a door hanger with the Big Dye Cut hole on the top it will only hang from about 60-70% of doors.  Face it not all doors are designed with the big knob on the handle any more.

If we design the door hangers, for you we will do it this way. We will drill a 3/8” Hole on the top.

This does three things for you.

1. It gives you more room on the door hanger, because you don’t have to allow for that HUGE HOLE.

2. It costs less because you don’t have to run it through the press again for the dye cutting and finally:

3. It works on every door. Our guys string the rubber bands as they walk so when they get to the door they just pop it on and leave.

This system works on every door!